Thursday, July 29, 2010

Weekly Feature Comes to an end!

I hope that everyone has enjoyed this feature. I'm not going to leave you hangin.  I have a few more tricks up my sleeve.  So here go a few more hot pumps.  Oh if you have something that you want to see a  feature on email me! :)

Now this Kensie Girl shoe is ubber cute.  Yes I did use the word ubber.  I love this pump because it a simple shoe that does a lot.  You can pair this with denim if you want to add a little flair or pair it with some khakis and pick any color from the shoe and you have a winning look. Get this shoe

Giuseppe Zanotti has made snake print crazy fun.  If I am looking at this right it looks like through the snake skin detail it has green, orange and yellow details.  I love peep toe shoe I think they are super sexy.  I would love to see this shoe paired with a chocolate brown leather jacket. Get this shoe 

Now this next shoe is a cool shoe.  Now everyone may not care for this shoe but I particularly like this shoe because its odd. I pride myself on looking for the things that not everyone is wearing and I totally know that this L.A.M.B.  shoe will be a shoe not to many people are rocking.  Now this is that shoe that all ladies know that you have to hunt for the right outfit to wear with this shoe.  So needless to say that I don't have anything in mind yet but I still want this shoe.  Get this shoe


This last shoe is is just funky.  I love this shoe because it give you the look of a boot but becasue of the cutouts its not.  The cutouts make this shoe maddd sexy and it doesn't hurt that this shoe has 4 inch heel.  That would make me 6 feet tall, Now I can finally walk the runway.  LOL.  Get this shoe

This feature was so much fun to do.  There are many great pumps out there this is just a few that I like.  If you have any good site for shoes email me or post a comment.  And you may just see your choice on this blog.  


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