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Ok it has been a few days I was totally under the weather so I did search like I wanted to for my feature.  But no I am back and ready to go.  Alright, I found this great Gucci handbag from their fall/winter collection.  I totally love it; it is stupid funky (in a good way).  I love the camel color with the python detail, it just makes the bag.  The belt around the center is also a plus; it pulls the eye in to the beautiful python detail down the center.  I also like that it’s not signature out.  I am a little done with the signature everything, just my opinion.  It a hobo style bag with an adjustable shoulder strap, double zipper closure, and a detachable ID tag; for those women who travel.  This would make a great everyday bag, the camel color complement a wide variety of things.  I am one of those people who actually use their bags and with the price this lovely handbag oh I will be dragging it anywhere I go, or at least until I found something cuter. LOL!  So, here you go this is the next bag in this week’s feature, tell me what you think. 
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I was sitting around thinking what else could I add to this wonderful blog of mine....hmmmmm, I got it a Weekly Feature! Each week I will showcase things that I love, have or would like to have. It might be a week long feature of nothing but hot shoes, handbags, sunglasses, or just anything that we women love so much.  And this week I am starting with my all time favorite, HANDBAGS!

Gwen Stefani makes some great handbags.  I am a big fan of the things you don't see everybody rocking.  So a while back I was in Nordstrom, yes Nordstrom, just window shopping and I saw this amazing bag.  I walked over and it said L.A.M.B.  I was like OMG this is hot and its totally my style.  It has the rocker type of look but not to over board and I think you all know what I mean.  What I love most about it is that it is made of a synthetic leather and it feels super real (for all of you who are trying to go green look in to L.A.M.B products).  I  love how black and white always works well together but the little hint of lime green (or yellow as it looks in the pic) draws the eye in.  I love the little things.  The inside of the bag has a black and white striped lining,  Oh love contrast! Side pocket and zip pocket inside.  You know what the best thing about the bag...  the label is even in an odd place on the side.  Not in front jumping right out at you.  LOVE IT! So here is my first Weekly Feature!  THE L.A.M.B Signature Worthington and matching wallet.  Tell me what you think.  :)

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Kristi Maloney said...

Following you too! I love this bag that you found - love Nordstroom too! Nice blog too!

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Hello! Nice blog! I'm following you back!

Lil Landy said...

Thanks for the comment! Welcome to Blogging!

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