Friday, July 9, 2010

The L.O.W July 9, 2010

Ok guys this The L.O.W. goes to Amber Rose, because this look is hip, fun, refreshing, sexy, and rocker all in the same.  I choose this look not only for the reasons listed before, more so because it truly shows how confident she is rockin a super low hair cut that’s blonde.  I would totally wear this myself because it looks effortless.  So lets dish about the look; this 80’s inspired print is just to die for and is perfect for the summertime.  It has a beautiful array of fun colors that compliment her skin tone.  The yellow ruffle is done in just the right fashion, because you all know that sometimes ruffles can be totally over done.  I love how she paired the big chunky chain link necklace, simple diamond earrings and gray handbag not to over do it.  Oh, the shoesssss! How I love the shoes, now I know, I know, what is so special about these shoes, um OMG, their favorite color, pink and they are a must have for my collection J. I love how she added the sunglasses to bring the look together.  Um and the gorgeous shade of pink lipstick, totally gives her that rocker type Barbie. So here it is the L.O.W., tell me what you think!   


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