I have been blessed to have three loves in my life and yes I said three.

The first was my wonderful husband. We met in high school and I knew I just had to have him.  We even made an agreement that if we weren't married by the time we were 25 we would marry each other.  My husband is in the US Navy and is the most compassionate, kind hearted person there is.  He is very soft spoken yet very comical.  He always has a good joke or one liner.  I don't know where he gets it.  He is a great father and I am honored that he still continues to let me walk along side of him.

The second is my amazing 10 year old daughter.  She is well mannered and well behaved. She is an star student even when faced with adversity.  Like her father she has a sophisticated wit about her that is always spot on.  And surprisingly sometimes makes me wonder where she get is from.  She is full of fashion, fun and drama. Oh, did I mention that she totally loves 80's cartoons.  Now how cool is she?

My son is the third love in my life.  He was diagnosed with autism about a month before his fourth birthday.  Since that moment I have been dedicated to getting him the help he needs to succeed in life.  He has developed in such a way that I couldn't of even imagined, and it all been drug free.  Each day his personality just grows and it so refreshing to see him live in his own world free from society expectations are.  Oh and he's into 80's cartoons too!

These individuals feel my life with such joy and they are the reason that I work and strive for better.  So I would like to say a special thank you to them. 

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