Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dove MEN+CARE Product Review

Today I am featuring Maddie's Area 221 first product review. This product review comes from someone who is dear to me and is always up on all kinds of different things. His name is Henry Garrett. He is one of my closest friends and it also doesn't hurt that he is my FAVORITE cousin. So take it away Henry!

The Dove MEN+CARE line products are built on the Dove brand’s heritage, which includes 3 key areas: cleansing, moisturizing, and care. The Dove Men + Care products are clinically proven to fight dryness, with no irritation or tightness, and dermatologist recommended.

I like most men used the soap that my wife bought whatever was in the soap dish was used on my skin. I had noticed that she had been using Dove products regularly and I know Dove is suppose to be a woman’s thing and all but to be honest it really was not a big enough issue for me to even comment on and besides I really liked the soap is was smooth and clean. However one trip to the store she purchased her usual Dove product and they offered a sample of the Dove MEN+CARE body and face wash in the packaging, she urged me to try it so I did. This soap was amazing it still had the same smoothness, fresh and clean feel as the regular Dove soap but it had masculine smell compared to any of the top designer cologne body washes and unlike those it actually cleansed my skin and not just coated it with a smell. It has three body and face wash scents Clean Comfort, Extra Fresh and Deep Clean, and has bar soap for both Deep Clean and Extra Fresh. I would definitely say this is a must buy for any man for everyday use.

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