Thursday, July 22, 2010

Weekly Feature Pumps

Now I found this bangin Mary Jane! This is a great shoe for the fall chocolate brown, so good.  This Report Signature took an old classic style and made it ultra sexy.  I can see this heel with an of tan plaid pants a crisp white blouse brown leather bag, leather jacked and cup of Starbucks in hand,  off to work I go.

This next unlisted wedge pump is just a great shoe to have.  I love how the wedge heel and shoe are all one.  This shoe would be comfortable and stylish.  It would be great for quick run to the mall or just something different for work.  

This Bronx sandal it a killer shoe for the summertime.  If you wanna be noticed this shoe will get it done.  I love the earthy color brown and how the straps of the go through the sole of the shoe. Thats super cool.  The leather of this shoe is rich and warm. This stiletto will make you put your good girl walk on.  LOL!


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