Thursday, July 29, 2010

Weekly Feature Comes to an end!

I hope that everyone has enjoyed this feature. I'm not going to leave you hangin.  I have a few more tricks up my sleeve.  So here go a few more hot pumps.  Oh if you have something that you want to see a  feature on email me! :)

Now this Kensie Girl shoe is ubber cute.  Yes I did use the word ubber.  I love this pump because it a simple shoe that does a lot.  You can pair this with denim if you want to add a little flair or pair it with some khakis and pick any color from the shoe and you have a winning look. Get this shoe

Giuseppe Zanotti has made snake print crazy fun.  If I am looking at this right it looks like through the snake skin detail it has green, orange and yellow details.  I love peep toe shoe I think they are super sexy.  I would love to see this shoe paired with a chocolate brown leather jacket. Get this shoe 

Now this next shoe is a cool shoe.  Now everyone may not care for this shoe but I particularly like this shoe because its odd. I pride myself on looking for the things that not everyone is wearing and I totally know that this L.A.M.B.  shoe will be a shoe not to many people are rocking.  Now this is that shoe that all ladies know that you have to hunt for the right outfit to wear with this shoe.  So needless to say that I don't have anything in mind yet but I still want this shoe.  Get this shoe


This last shoe is is just funky.  I love this shoe because it give you the look of a boot but becasue of the cutouts its not.  The cutouts make this shoe maddd sexy and it doesn't hurt that this shoe has 4 inch heel.  That would make me 6 feet tall, Now I can finally walk the runway.  LOL.  Get this shoe

This feature was so much fun to do.  There are many great pumps out there this is just a few that I like.  If you have any good site for shoes email me or post a comment.  And you may just see your choice on this blog.  

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Now I know that every diva has those days where she either wakes up late or just can't part with that much need beauty rest. I started thinking I always for get maybe one, two or bunch of things when I'm in a rush. So I put together my on diva on the go kit.

DIVA ON THE GO KIT!  For that diva in a hurry.

Item 1.  Mascara -  mascara is must in this kit.  If I could only have one thing out of my kit it would be this.  Mascara helps open your eyes up or to widen the eye.

Item 2. Lip gloss or lip balm -  We all know that sometimes after we brush our teeth and don't have time to put on the lip gloss our lips will look especially dry.  So I make sure that I keep a couple just for days like that.

Item 3.  Spare earrings -  I always keep at least a pair of studs or a pair of hoops in my bag.  I totally hate not having earrings on.  Even if its just jeans and a t-shirt earrings help complete the look.

Item 4. Travel size deodorant - I'm not the only one who has done this left out the house without putting any on.  So anytime I see the travel size I pick up one or two.  Diva must be fresh.

So here are four items for your kit.  If you have items you must have let me know.  I love hearing you!

Monday, July 26, 2010


I tend to use a lot of makeup, thats an understatement, LOL!  But I do love me some makeup, but one must have a good cleanser.  I search and searched and nothing seemed to work. So I tried Neutrogena's Fresh Foaming Cleanser.  Now we all know that Neutrogena is known for its products, but I must say that this one works just like they said it would.  It  really does remove all of the dirt and oil while removing the makeup.  I know that as an African American woman my makeup is darker and harder to remove. I use about a quarter worth of the cleanser lather it up and go to work.  You wanna know what the most amazing thing about this cleanser it removes eye makeup without irritating the eye. With it being priced at $6.99 (plus tax) you can't beat that.  I purchased this product at the beginning of the the month and I totally love it. So if you need a good cleanser and makeup remover in one try Neutrogena's Fresh Foaming Cleanser.  

Friday, July 23, 2010

Weekly Feature Pumps (Continued)

Alright here go some more hot shoes!

Now this shoe right here is that deal!  It is blingie, colorful, fun and fresh.  It reminds me of myself, LOL!  This shoe has so much going on that I would only pair it with something very simple.  You ask why, because I totally want you to look at the shoes! Get this shoe at

This purple platform pump is a must have and for the lovely price of $27.99, you may just see me wearing this shoe in the fall.  This faux suede pump. is super tall and and very sexy.  If you want to turn some heads this will get er' done.  I think this shoe would work with a pair of simple jeans cute fitted blouse.  This shoe just screams SEX!  You can purchase this shoe at

This next pump will make you take a double take.  Badgley Mischka encrusted the right part of this shoe.  I love the very slender chin that helps define the pattern that was created. I love the fact that the pattern isn't perfect. Of course you see I love those high heel! :).  This pump would look so fire with a great black suit for work. Purchase this shoe at

Now this next shoe will make you hurt me, hurt me, hurt me.  LOL.  It super sexy and oh its that color that just makes you think of passion! Red.  Just thinking about how sexy this shoe is makes me want to sigh.  LOL.   This is a stiletto and is not to be played with.  If you want to make a statement this shoe is right for you.  I can't even speak on it, so just look at. ....... Purchase this shoe at

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dove MEN+CARE Product Review

Today I am featuring Maddie's Area 221 first product review. This product review comes from someone who is dear to me and is always up on all kinds of different things. His name is Henry Garrett. He is one of my closest friends and it also doesn't hurt that he is my FAVORITE cousin. So take it away Henry!

The Dove MEN+CARE line products are built on the Dove brand’s heritage, which includes 3 key areas: cleansing, moisturizing, and care. The Dove Men + Care products are clinically proven to fight dryness, with no irritation or tightness, and dermatologist recommended.

I like most men used the soap that my wife bought whatever was in the soap dish was used on my skin. I had noticed that she had been using Dove products regularly and I know Dove is suppose to be a woman’s thing and all but to be honest it really was not a big enough issue for me to even comment on and besides I really liked the soap is was smooth and clean. However one trip to the store she purchased her usual Dove product and they offered a sample of the Dove MEN+CARE body and face wash in the packaging, she urged me to try it so I did. This soap was amazing it still had the same smoothness, fresh and clean feel as the regular Dove soap but it had masculine smell compared to any of the top designer cologne body washes and unlike those it actually cleansed my skin and not just coated it with a smell. It has three body and face wash scents Clean Comfort, Extra Fresh and Deep Clean, and has bar soap for both Deep Clean and Extra Fresh. I would definitely say this is a must buy for any man for everyday use.

Weekly Feature Pumps

Now I found this bangin Mary Jane! This is a great shoe for the fall chocolate brown, so good.  This Report Signature took an old classic style and made it ultra sexy.  I can see this heel with an of tan plaid pants a crisp white blouse brown leather bag, leather jacked and cup of Starbucks in hand,  off to work I go.

This next unlisted wedge pump is just a great shoe to have.  I love how the wedge heel and shoe are all one.  This shoe would be comfortable and stylish.  It would be great for quick run to the mall or just something different for work.  

This Bronx sandal it a killer shoe for the summertime.  If you wanna be noticed this shoe will get it done.  I love the earthy color brown and how the straps of the go through the sole of the shoe. Thats super cool.  The leather of this shoe is rich and warm. This stiletto will make you put your good girl walk on.  LOL!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Weekly Feature Pumps

Ok this week's feature is PUMPS!  Yea!  I am a girlie girl who loves heels, pumps, stilettos or what ever you want to call them.  So here are just a few that I found today that I liked.

This first shoe is  L.A.M.B - Dawana- Black and Zebra .  This shoe is funky, fun' and fits into all of the things that I like.  I love the zipper details on this shoe which pulls the eye in to the shoe/ I could wear it out for a night of clubin or throw it on with a pair of slack and hit the office and stay true to my inner rock star! Purchase this shoe at

This next Guess shoe is just sexy to me.  Its simple and dainty kind of like myself and screams sexy!  I love the the slender heel and sexy little bow at the back. Oh we all know that it doesn't hurt that it has my favorite color pink in it!  I could see this shoe with a great min dress, jeans, and shorts if done right.  Purchase this shoe at

We all know that Steve Madden makes some amazing shoes.I saw chic at work totally wearing this next Steve Madden shoe. I must admit she look super cute, professional, and sexy all in the same.  Totally the look I shoot for.  This brown sued leopard print pump with its red ruffle just makes me wanna scream.  I love the rounded toe and its a platform which means comfort! And ladies sometimes we need comfort.  At 4 1/2 inches this shoe would make any girl feel like she was walking the runway even if its just the hallway at work.  This shoe would go great with a pencil skirt or skinny pant.  Purchase this shoe at
This bebe sandal is a must! It stupid sexy!  Its mot just sexy because of it nude color or natural as they call it but because of the little cutouts that pull the eye into the skin. I love the braid details on this shoe and the sexy zipper at the back.  Pair this show with the right dress and you're sure to cause some trouble!  Or dress it down with a pair torn jeans and a white tank, and it still will have the same affect.  Purchase this shoe at:

So tell me what you think of this first wave of Pumps.  


Need to get some perspective in my life on how to make blogging work in my very hectic life.  So let get it in, The L.O.W.  for this week comes from one of my favorites singers, Brandy.  I picked this look because I thought it was super cute, fun, and classy.  Now lets make it clear I am usually not a fan of the monotone color pallet but this works. I love how the lighter pieces wrap across the body helping to accent her curves.  I love the see through one shoulder strap on this dress and the gathering done on this dress is done right.  I hate to see a gathered dress were it makes the person wearing the dress look fat in the wrong places.  I love that the handbag, its over-sized just works. The makeup is soft; I love the fresh white fingernail polish and she did a very sleek yet classic hair to elongate her face.  And with minimum accessories and the simple black peep toe pumps makes this look HOT.  So let hear it!  

Friday, July 9, 2010

The L.O.W July 9, 2010

Ok guys this The L.O.W. goes to Amber Rose, because this look is hip, fun, refreshing, sexy, and rocker all in the same.  I choose this look not only for the reasons listed before, more so because it truly shows how confident she is rockin a super low hair cut that’s blonde.  I would totally wear this myself because it looks effortless.  So lets dish about the look; this 80’s inspired print is just to die for and is perfect for the summertime.  It has a beautiful array of fun colors that compliment her skin tone.  The yellow ruffle is done in just the right fashion, because you all know that sometimes ruffles can be totally over done.  I love how she paired the big chunky chain link necklace, simple diamond earrings and gray handbag not to over do it.  Oh, the shoesssss! How I love the shoes, now I know, I know, what is so special about these shoes, um OMG, their favorite color, pink and they are a must have for my collection J. I love how she added the sunglasses to bring the look together.  Um and the gorgeous shade of pink lipstick, totally gives her that rocker type Barbie. So here it is the L.O.W., tell me what you think!   

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Ok it has been a few days I was totally under the weather so I did search like I wanted to for my feature.  But no I am back and ready to go.  Alright, I found this great Gucci handbag from their fall/winter collection.  I totally love it; it is stupid funky (in a good way).  I love the camel color with the python detail, it just makes the bag.  The belt around the center is also a plus; it pulls the eye in to the beautiful python detail down the center.  I also like that it’s not signature out.  I am a little done with the signature everything, just my opinion.  It a hobo style bag with an adjustable shoulder strap, double zipper closure, and a detachable ID tag; for those women who travel.  This would make a great everyday bag, the camel color complement a wide variety of things.  I am one of those people who actually use their bags and with the price this lovely handbag oh I will be dragging it anywhere I go, or at least until I found something cuter. LOL!  So, here you go this is the next bag in this week’s feature, tell me what you think. 
Purchase this bag at

I was sitting around thinking what else could I add to this wonderful blog of mine....hmmmmm, I got it a Weekly Feature! Each week I will showcase things that I love, have or would like to have. It might be a week long feature of nothing but hot shoes, handbags, sunglasses, or just anything that we women love so much.  And this week I am starting with my all time favorite, HANDBAGS!

Gwen Stefani makes some great handbags.  I am a big fan of the things you don't see everybody rocking.  So a while back I was in Nordstrom, yes Nordstrom, just window shopping and I saw this amazing bag.  I walked over and it said L.A.M.B.  I was like OMG this is hot and its totally my style.  It has the rocker type of look but not to over board and I think you all know what I mean.  What I love most about it is that it is made of a synthetic leather and it feels super real (for all of you who are trying to go green look in to L.A.M.B products).  I  love how black and white always works well together but the little hint of lime green (or yellow as it looks in the pic) draws the eye in.  I love the little things.  The inside of the bag has a black and white striped lining,  Oh love contrast! Side pocket and zip pocket inside.  You know what the best thing about the bag...  the label is even in an odd place on the side.  Not in front jumping right out at you.  LOVE IT! So here is my first Weekly Feature!  THE L.A.M.B Signature Worthington and matching wallet.  Tell me what you think.  :)

get this bag at:

get the wallet at:

Saturday, July 3, 2010

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What can I say I love handbags and a a good price!

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Friday, July 2, 2010

The L.O.W. 07/02/10

Now after looking at hundreds of pictures and having no luck, I finally found the L.O.W. Now, one would have thought that with the BET Awards being this week there would have been some great fashion and to my surprise I was totally unimpressed. It was a snooze fest. So I decided to look elsewhere. I found this wonderful picture of Jada Pinkett Smith at the Tony Awards. She looked stunning compared to some of her edgy looks that I might like just a touch. This short ruffle dress was a beautiful shade of red that complimented her brown skin tone. I loved the jeweled belt the help accent her tiny waist. Pair with a black platform pumps, earrings and black clutch that pulled the entire look. The chic up do was the right way to go with the hair. And in the makeup department she was right this week that less is more. This was a wining look for me because it was fashioned forward, elegant, chic, and short but in a good way.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Deals & Steals

I tend to do a lot shopping around for great deals and steals; when I find them I will post them here. Oh by the way if you out there know of any please feel free to post in the commements or email me.

Happy Shopping!
If your ballin on a budget look here I always find something cute.

For all anyone who wears glasses this is the spot for you. Zenni Optical has glasses as low as $8.00 (lens include plus shipping and handling).
If you love makeup as most of us do look no further. E.L.F. provides quality cosmetics at prices you can't beat. (Check customer review by my friend and fellow blogger Tyesha at
Now I found this site and haven't had a chance to purchase. They sale MAC products at a price that fit my wallet.

Back on the beat to find more deals!

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