Friday, June 25, 2010

The Look of the Week (L.O.W.) 06/25/10

Each week I will be perusing the pages of magazines and websites to find what I consider is the LOOK OF THE WEEK (THE L.O.W.). And it’s only my opinion but I would like to hear what you out there think. So check it out!

Now I’m usually not a fan of the adult onesie as I call it, but this week I must say that Rihanna took it and rocked it out. Of course I like this because it has that edge to it that I love so much. The black and white printed jumper paired with the nude shoe looks great with the gold chain adds flair to the already amazing shoe. I love how it fitted more at the top and not so bulky around the middle. Too many would have taken away from the beautiful print of the jumper, romper, adult onsie…whatever you want to call it. I also love how this accents her shoulders and draws the eye up. This is a killer look for the summer. It’s a certified bangin outfit. Now tell me what you think.


Michele Chastain said...

I always think these look cute, but the reality of any sort of onesie is that they're hard to get out of (which can be bad if you have to tinkle) and they can ride up uncomfortably, so I avoid them. I'm really liking the short, delicate ruffled skirts that can be worn alone or over leggings -- esp. the sheer ones like this:

Maddieb221 said...

Oh that is cute. And your right about the tinkle thing. LOL. Oh and thanks for stopping by.

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